Publish NukeViet CMS v3.1, Module Shop v3.1 - One year of VINADES., JSC Foundation

Sunday - 20/03/2011 09:22
The 1st foundation anniversary of VIET NAM OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY marked NukeViet having been operated professionally for one year. NukeViet Administration is going to publish an official version NukeViet 3.1 at 9 p: m on February 25, 2011. At the same time, Module Shop 3.1 used to build e-commerce websites across the platforms of NukeViet 3.1 is also going to be published.
Publish NukeViet CMS v3.1, Module Shop v3.1 - One year of VINADES., JSC Foundation

I. NukeViet 3.1 & dream features

When NukeViet 3.0 welcomed the 30.000th download, NukeViet 3.1 had two versions NukeViet 3.1 beta ( NukeViet and NukeViet 3.1 RC, published at 0:0 p:m on January 30, 2011 , which were checked to find errors and tested by thousands of webmasters. The official version NukeViet 3.1 is ready to be published.

NukeViet 3.0 is considered as the NukeViet revolution in the process of creating a new system owned by Vietnamese. Besides that, NukeViet 3.1 is a great change of finishing the functional system.

1. Interface

1.1 New additional administrative interface
F-rom the administrative module switching on two values, such as on or off on the left and the horizontal administrative system module containing submenu or applications, you can quickly access the administrative module.

Picture 1.1: Favorable horizontal menu

1.2 Explicit arrangement
The detailed arrangement of Website is more explicit and perfect.

Picture 1.2: The arrangement of a module News


2. Features

2.1 Module News
a. Allow using illustrated images outside website.
b. Add upload / edit / de-lete tools for members ( see picture 2.1b)
c. Add grid enhancement or list enhancement of writing display (see picture 2.1c)
d. Add a new feature allowing each administrator to upload a single file f-rom News.

Picture 2.1b Enhancement of writing display for members

Picture 2.1c 10 writing display styles

With various style of writing display, you can use module News for different purposes. For example, the two- column style and the item style are suitable for the category of professional news; the grid style is suitable for the category of product display and product album; the title style should be used for the content lay-out of writing; the list style is used for personal blogs…With this feature, NukeViet is able to meet all users’ demand in one available module in the centre of system, module News.

2.2 Facilities for increasing best web-speed.
a. Strengthen cache system, CSS Zip, JavaScript… increase speed of loading page several times as much as NukeViet 3.0. Using NukeViet3.1, you can see this facility.
b. Add a new feature allowing super administrator to de-lete all temporary files.

2.3 Full additional features for SEO
a. Add a feature managing meta-tags.
b. Make automatically Sitemap file for servers searching.
c. Add Sitemap Ping Service (Send Sitemap file to servers searching by Ping (see picture 2.3 c)
d. Evaluate website based on indexes ( see picture 3.2 d)
e. Use key words to check SEO (see picture 2.3e)
f. Add tracking code, Google Analytics

Picture 2.3c: Sitemap Ping- Send data to servers searching automatically

Picture 3.2d: Evaluating website

Picture 2.3e Check SEO by using key words

Therefore, applications for SEO are cre-ated fully. Webmasters are free to use website built by different source codes and compete with others (If using the same software, NukeViet 3.1, you must compete with other webmasters in web-content)

2.4 Upgrade & up-date function
This feature helps admin to up-date information and send to the system, and errors are fixed; additional tools to upgrade. Management board will develop this advanced function becoming professional services soon in order that system upgrade is not webmaster’s nightmare at all. This version has these following functions:
a. More upgrade information f-rom the NukeViet project.
b. Inform automatically new versions at the home page, APC
Add a function checking versions for each module (see picture 2.4c). Up-date quickly the list of new modules (see picture 2.4e)
c. Add an upgrade function using upgrade packages.
d. Upgrade function using versions.
e. Increase the ability of automatic install for block and module (even if they are overridden) not according to any standard.

Picture 2.4c: Upgrade information module

Picture 2.4e: the up-dated list of new modules

2.5 Restructure block, allow Block global to lie in block module, allow adding parameters of block.
With this idea, a block is displayed in different ways and it can display different data styles. This is a new change in blocking modules, increasing level of module customization up to maximum level.

Picture 2.5 Block of Module in module can be viewed in other modules since this version

Block has its own parameter to increase level of customization

2.6 An addional feature manages ring rights of administrator’s log- in.
This function can limit website users while upgrading the system. Include following rights:
- Only Good administrators can log in.
- Only super administrator can log in.
- All administrators can log in.
- Normal operating mode.
This function is used effectively when website problems happen, and super administrator doesn’t let another administrators upload their writing.

2.7 A brand-new upload module
- Fix all errors and old inconvenient module.
- Using Ajax to make upload speed faster.
- Allow administrators to see only their uploaded writing.

2.8 System log – Noting full administrative actions

Picture 2.8: System log

These achievements along with things built by NukeViet 3.0 will make users see that NukeViet 3.1 has better features than other open source software’s. NukeViet 3.1 will make user feel easy to make a safe stable professional web-systems.

II. Module shop – A system building sale online websites

As we reported: Shop Module development project (based on NukeViet 3.0) integrated electronic payment gateway NganLuong.VN has been finished. VINADES has send code to agents signing a contract and started to implement the project if any organization needs to put to use soon. If any organization want to be an agent implementing this project, please contact our business staff at our company website:

Shop Module development project (based on NukeViet 3.0) integrated electronic payment gateway NganLuong.VN published as open source is the cooperation program between Vietnam open source development joint stock Company and Peace Soft company to use open source to improve e-commerce in Vietnam. The program was signed on December 12, 2010 on the occasion of publishing officially Open source Content Management System NukeViet 3.0.
The open source of this project and NukeViet 3.1 have at:

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