The French translation package was completed

The biggest event of NukeViet 2012: Launch NukeViet Store

  •   23/07/2012 03:45:16
  •   Viewed: 5203

Event launch NukeViet Store – the store of NukeViet applications - will be the biggest event in 2012. NukeViet Store is currently running tests, every member can participate. In addition, there are some other notable events in July. For example, It’s complete the French translation package for NukeViet, NukeViet announced the start switch to HTML5.

Open source Contest for students- the creative summer 2011 has come

  •   24/04/2011 22:15:00
  •   Viewed: 4926

The open source Contest along with IT Olympic has been held once a year by Vietnam Information Technology Assosiation and Information Technology Department of Sience & Technolngy Ministry since 2009.

Opening free NukeViet open source training course in Hanoi

  •   24/04/2011 22:05:00
  •   Viewed: 5001

Association of Scientific Knowledge and Technology of Vietnam Young (VAYSE) and Vietnam Open Source Development Joint Stock Company ( VINADES.,JSC) opened free NukeViet open source training course ( for students studying in Hanoi at the hall of Khuong Mai Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi on December 26, 2010

Workshop on promotion of open source software applications and development

  •   14/04/2011 21:16:00
  •   Viewed: 4276

Ministry of Information and Communications held Workshop on promotion of open source software applications and development in order that state agencies, associations, businesses and communities could discuss measures to promote the applications and development of open source software in Vietnam. VINADES., JSC had delegated representatives of Nukeviet open source community to participate this workshop.

Happy New Year Tan Mao Message (2011)

  •   03/04/2011 21:37:00
  •   Viewed: 4658

On the occasion of happy new year Tan Mao 2011, forum Management,VIET NAM OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY( VINADES.,JSC) would like to send NukeViet community the best wishes of health. Wish you a happy new year – peace –prosperity.

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