Open source Contest for students- the creative summer 2011 has come

Sunday - 24/04/2011 22:15
The open source Contest along with IT Olympic has been held once a year by Vietnam Information Technology Assosiation and Information Technology Department of Sience & Technolngy Ministry since 2009.

The open source Contest along with IT Olympic has been held once a year by Vietnam  Information Technology Assosiation and Information Technology Department of Sience & Technolngy Ministry since 2009.

Learned f-rom the contest 2 years ago, " Creatice Summer - Programming open source software applications" Award has got started. This is a good chance for students to cre-ate and program software based on open source. The Nukeviet Community is the sole community travelling with the contest over the last 3 years. This year Nukeviet Administration managed by VINADES.,JSC will support strongly the community to participate in the contest.

After the referendum at the end of 2010, Contest Organizers got a lot of good comments f-rom Contest Jury. At the end of March, 2011. Contest Jury and Organizers had a meeting to open the contest officially.


All students f-rom universities and colleges who has to choose available project list of organizers can take part in and send their project degsins to the contest.

All uniniversities and colleges can let  students register their name to found a project team to participate and send lectures as co-mentor for the team.


F-rom 01/04  to 30/04/2011 : recieve registration forms and lists of participants and co-mentors f-rom units, universities and colleges.

F-rom 01/05  to 29/05/2011: All teams send registration emails enclosing ognizers' project topics chosen. ( according to organizers' registration format)

F-rom 30/05 to 05/06/2011: Organizers will assess designs and announce the list of teams having chosen to implement the projects. These chosen teams will recieve fundings f-rom sponsors ( if the project has its own sponsor) or f-rom oganizers. A email contract will sent to the leaders of the teams to sign and sent  it back to organizers. After getting contracts, organizers will  transfer half of fundings to the teams ( by  post or through account) within 3 weeks.

F-rom 06/06 to 04/09/2011: Carry out the project (3 months) which is devided into two periods.

15/07/2011: the leader of  guide team will have to send the evaluation form ( available form) about project guideline process to recommend that the team can continue or not. If  they can continue, halft the remaining fundíng will be transfered to the team within 3 weeks.

Before 0h 5/9/2011: All teams will send their products to organizers via email (according to rules announced on the contest website). Guiders will have to send also the final evaluation form to organizers within the next day.

F-rom 06/09 to 17/09/2011: The jury will mark and evaluate products to rank. The list of 5 teams entering the final round will be announced on September 18, 2011.

Marking the final round and the award will be held in early October, 2011 in the examination and the closing ceremony and the award of Vietnam Student Information Technology Olympic of the 20th at Can Tho University. The contest result, grading criteria, list of jury and rank of products with open source code will be announced on the contest website.

Award structure

01 first prize: 30,000,000 and donor rewards

01 second prize: 10,000,000 and donor rewards

01 third prize: 5,000,000 and donor rewards

02 consolation prizes: 3,000,000 and donor rewards

All official prizes (the first, second, third prize) will be got certificates and merits f-rom organizers.

(The prize value does not include the personal income tax)


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