Content management system open source Nukeviet 3.0 officially released

Thursday - 10/02/2011 12:35

Content management system open source Nukeviet 3.0 officially released

Content management system open source Nukeviet 3.0 was released with a platform built on 12/10/2010 entirely new.

Nukeviet is a content management system (Content Management System - CMS) open source pure Vietnamese community platform built f-rom PHP and the MySQL database. Nukeviet allows users to build and operate the site easily.


In recent years, Nukeviet be applied fairly common in Vietnam in the areas of electronic commerce, news, business website, personal web pages ... Starting f-rom the idea to the issue of professionalization Nukeviet open source, beginning in 2010, Vietnam open source development JSC (VINADES.,JSC) has been established with members who are in this community.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tu, Chairman Vinades company said Nukeviet version 3.0 is a revolutionary system for 100% Nukeviet lines of code Nukeviet 3.0 is written entirely new rather than used the old platform.

The basic module in Nukeviet 3.0 include: upload manager (upload) pictures and flash, sort of presentation, management and publish news, manage members, manage contact information on the websites, poll managers, ad management, file management, link management, statistics, search. These functions already in Nukeviet version 2.0 but in version 3.0 is raised at a more professional management, thus better meet the needs of business and professional users. Also, can extend to add features, install the corresponding module or build new modules for Nukeviet.

To learn more, you can download here Nukeviet 3.0:

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