VINADES-JSC. The company manages NukeViet

VINADES., JSC standing for VIET NAM OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY – was founded to professionalize publication and development of  the NukeViet open source. Besides that, VINADES. JSC continues developing and caring out other projects to maintain Nuke Viet longer and stably.

Being utterly dedicated to work and research, the company has decided to choose the sole way that is open source development with the slogan “Free – Professional – Popular.”

More information about the foundation day of VINADES.,JSC  at the seventh page of “ Hanoi moi” newspaper on February 25, 2010, on VOA News on February 26, 2010, and on other newspapers.

Open source – worldwide trend – good choice for Vietnam

 Using open source is the indispensable trend of the world. Following the latest trends in Information Technology (IT), Vietnam step by step uses and developers it. Vietnam IT community is also considered as one of the first communities doing their best to use, develop, and popularize open source.

After a long effort, products of open source are created and published so often to meet internet users’ demand. They have become an important part of our life. Anyone of us from normal internet users, computer users to officers, programmers has been using open source software popularly.

NukeViet, open source software is not new to Vietnam IT community at all. NukeViet has been used in many different technology fields and developed for five years.

Nuke Viet CMS with its slogan “Sharing success, connect passions” is the sincere message to the IT community all over the world.

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