The origin and meaning of NukeViet name and its logo

NukeViet is pronounced [ Nu-ke-Việt ] in the way of  Vietnamese pronunciation, not English pronunciation.

What does " NukeViet" mean?

NukeViet is the combination of two words,  Nuke and  Việt. Two old versions, NukeViet 1.0 and NukeViet 2.0 were developed based on PHP- Nuke open source.The name " NukeViet " has been called because of this reason.

Although the new version, NukeViet 3.0 is the brand-new version created differently and there were a great many ideas being put forward to change its name in the development process, the name " NukeViet" is not changed any more. The reasion is that programmers want to thank Franscisco Burzi - the creator of PHP-Nuke for his contribution. IT community has a chance to enter open source world because of him.

Nuke is a slang, it means " nuclear weapons" ( see The development  team of  NukeViet hopes that Nuke will be successful as much as its name meaning.

Logo of NukeViet 3.0

NukeViet Management spent a lot of time choosing the official logo of NukeViet from a great number of models the designers of which are not only members on the NukeViet forum but also professional graphic designers before the day when NukeViet 3.0 was published widely.

This logo was designed from images of the sea, night, and moonlight in the shape of tear.


On a white background the logo looks like the scene of the  peaceful night sea with moonlight, the sky, and sails. Everyone likes seeing the night sea because it makes them feel relaxed and peaceful.

The dark blue color representing the sea, the night sky is similar to the color of peace.

Two white traces represent the moonlight reflecting on tear.The shape of tear is the symbol of peace, life, and an endless wish of  things on the earth.

The standard parameters of color

  Dark blue: C80,M60,Y0,K0

Designer: Le Thanh Xuan – the professional graphic designer of VINADES., JSC.

The slogan of NukeViet 3.0 “ Sharing success, connecting passions” – The writer is HoaiNamDr, who is the winner of “ Nuke Viet 3.0 slogan creation” competition on NukeViet forum.

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