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Ngày 29 Tháng 11 2010 , 12:31
My native language is Czech language. There are many grammatical errors and mistakes in inflection in Czech translation of administration. Can I help you with correct translation?

And if I want contact us from Contact Form there is error with SMTP.

Thank for replay.

Ales Kuklínek
Czech republic

Hi Ales Kuklínek,

I'm very happy if your contribution in the translation of the Czech language pack for NukeViet open source CMS.

I will send you the language packs in English and Czech (old version) so you can edit accordingly. You can also install and use the system editor to edit the language Nukeviet (downloaded from CMS Nukeviet http://nukeviet.vn) or using an appropriate software (such as Notepad + + EmEditor or ...) to edit files directly .

In the process of translation notes to keep the variables passed into the language.
For example: &ldquo;<strong>%1\$s</strong>&rdquo;

In the coming time, I will build on NukeViet.Vn Website editor language online. Then you are welcome to participate in this offer language packs online.

The latest version of sourcecode (include all languages) is always there.

Note: Vietnamese is the original language, English is the intermediate language.


On behalf of CMS Nukeviet community.

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