#191018 gửi bởi Khan
Ngày 11 Tháng 04 2019 , 01:41
Hello everyone,,
Today I will share for you an online support module for 4x nukeviet. Extremely professional interface, supports custom logo changes. Hide some information if you don't need it. The main functions are as follows: - Support to display Skype chat icon for multiple nickes simultaneously - Display phone number and contact name - Display logo (can be customized) at the top of the module for more professional part . - Have more lines of information about address, email, phone, fax, hotline ... of the enterprise How to use - Download and install by the end of the download link or attachment - Declare YahooID, SkypeID , Name, Tel ...
- Each Yahoo / skype / name / tel account: separated by a comma,
- The CustomLogo Link section you insert the image url into. If you leave it blank, you will see the default image of beautiful girls in long dresses listening to the phone
- The contact information: Address, Mail, Phone, Fax can be left blank or fill in as you like, which ones are left blank will not show...