NukeViet has supported IPV6

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NukeViet has supported IPV6

NukeViet has supported IPV6

IPV6 is the sixth version of Internet Protocol which was officially launched on 6 June, 2012. After 2 months of testing, VINADES completed to run NukeViet on IPV6 network with support of NetNam. The open source NukeViet is ready for IPV6.
What is IPV6?
Internet Protocol Version 6(IPv6) is a version of Internet Protocol which is designed to replace Internet Protocol Version 4(IPV4). IPV4 was born in 1981 and it is having to opposite with a problem. That is dwindling of IP resources by the fast speed of developments of mobile devices at recently.
The meaning of switch to use IPV6
People was saw that the number of IPv4 addresses are dwindling. On 15 April, 2011 The Asia - Pacific is the first place where expire IPV4 addresses in the world. if you do not have IP adresses, it means that Internet can not develop. Therefore, the switch is really necessary.
How does NukeViet prepare for IPV6?
VINADES has upgraded and improved  NukeViet to accommodate to IPV6 with the support of NetNam. IPV6 related NukeViet system that include identify the visitor's IP, identify website addresses, check to firewall admin...IPV6 will affect a variety of modes to send and receive data.
After 2 months of testing and fixing, NukeViet has accommodated on IPV6 network. The testing factors include: domain name, server, transmit and user's terminal equipments. Currently, the open source NukeViet is ready for IPV6. Website of VFOSSA is running on IPV6 at address: . This website can access from IPV4 network and IPV6 network.
If you want to connect your IPV6 address, you can access: If your system is using IPV6, you can access: and for testing.
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