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NukeViet is the new version of Content Management System – CMS, which is developed by Vietnamese. NukeViet allows you to build and manage websites, electronic information gates, electronic offices on internet. NukeViet was awarded the Vietnam Talent 2011. You can download, install and use compeletely free at right here.
NukeViet được trao giải nhân tài đất việt 2011 NukeViet được bộ TT&TT Quy định ưu tiên sử dụng trong cơ quan, tổ chức nhà nước NukeViet được bộ giáo dục và đào tạo khuyên dùng trong thông tư số 08/2010/TT-BGDĐT
Quote OpenNukeViet is the product for community. It has been established with the motto “Knowledge needs to be shared to everyone.” With that, the NukeViet Staff hope that every knowledge will be summed up and shared by an open spirit, freemdom as well as the name – Free-and Open-Source Softwares. Use NukeViet and Share your knowledge about NukeViet to everyone. Popularizing NukeViet is the greatest way to say thank you for Code-team of NukeViet. We will never stop devoting to raise NukeViet to be come the price of Vietnamese forever.
The NukeViet Developing-coding Group

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NukeViet CMS
Quote OpenAre you needing to find references to install NukeViet, or helping documents to use, or references to guide the way to programe and develop NukeViet? Acess open library of NukeViet (NukeViet Wiki) at the address

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NukeViet CMS
Quote OpenYou are facing trouble when using NukeViet but you don’t know the suitable ones to ask? Join the supporting-developing NukeViet forum to discuss with over 24.000 members, this community will help you solve all your problems.

You need the pro – support services?

NukeViet CMS
Quote OpenYou do like to use NukeViet but you have little time to install? You need to add blocks, modules, interfaces to use for your business project? Contact to the Service Rom for Customers of to get the the professional – supporting services.